Our Mission: Make Healthy Living Fabulous!

Welcome to Catalyst Gourmet!

Our mission?   Make Healthy Living Fabulous.



We invite you to journey with us and explore our amazing, award winning, innovative line of gourmet products and beautiful artistic gift collections and learn more about our founder and her vision behind our brands.    Download our full consumer catalog to discover our definition of Heathy Living & Mindful Gifting.  Many of our products are available here online but many more are only available through our phone or fax ordering process right now until we complete the build out of this new online store.  Custom orders are always welcome and we look forward to being of service.

Catalyst Gourmet Consumer Catalog (click to download PDF of our catalog which also includes recipes)

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How can we support your healthy living lifestyle?

We’re a health and wellness focused gourmet company on a mission to help you make small steps daily towards long term wellness of mind, body and spirit.  We believe foods that we eat and beverages that we drink daily should nourish, uplift and taste amazing.

We imagine it’s possible to transform the ordinary into extraordinary gourmet and our flagship line of products are just the start of this journey.  We love transforming everything you drink (including water, tea, coffee) and eat (from fruits, to veggies, meals and even chocolate) into our definition of delicious gourmet that’s also good for you!  It’s often as simple as simply sprinkling on our inventive 100% pure, antioxidant rich Gourmet Enhancers or incorporating one of our other inventive gourmet products into your day.

We are a holistic minded company and all of the artwork on our packages and custom gifts are made from original canvas works of art created by hand by our founder who loves to paint and write as much as she enjoys creating products and developing recipes for you to enjoy.   Our lines reflect the spirit of our founder and her joy in empowering others, one sip, one taste, one meditation at a time.


Explore our site to discover just a few of our products that have thousands of consumers saying “wow”

We can’t wait to delight you!


Our Product Lines

We’re adding more of our products daily to this new site and you will soon be able to find most of our catalog items online.


Connect with Us.

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We’re excited to be able to expand our online presence to make it easier for you to find and purchase our brands this year and will be updating content weekly with delicious recipes, seasonal wellness and healthy living ideas and lots of simple ways to incorporate our good for you products into your busy day.

We’re also sell to select retailers and small specialty gift, health and wellness centers, yoga studios and other boutiques and spas looking for innovative product lines.  If you have a favorite store or business you think should carry our line in your local market, let them know to contact us at sales@catalystgourmet.com for our wholesale information.


Press Kit?

Press inquires please contact us at press@catalysttea.com or if you have additional questions, contact us at 1-888-229-0212.



Live Healthy.  Taste Bliss.