Gourmet Finishing Sugars

Catalyst Gourmet Finishing Sugars

3 to 8 Antioxidant Rich Spices + 100% Natural Turbinado Sugar + our Proprietary Artisan Blending Techniques = Sweet Goodness.

Try our artisan Enchanting Chai, Fennel Fusion, Gourmet Ginger, Tantalizing Turmeric and Sensational Saffron finishing sugar blends in our custom artwork tins.

Our unique blends are crafted from antioxidant rich spices and natural raw turbinado sugar which make them complex, beautifully aromatic and provide a layering of flavor as you sip or savor that will amaze and delight your taste buds.  So if you must have something sweet, spice it up!

All Natural, Gluten-Free, Preservative-Free, Artisan Sugar Blends.

  •  Catalyst Gourmet Finishing Sugars

    Catalyst Cupcakes - Deliciously Infused CupcakesMany ways to use finishing sugars: rimming sugar, on fruit or baked goods & more

    Catalyst Gourmet Finishing Sugars – 6.5 oz  tins


    Delight in how delicious the sweeter side of life can be.  We believe in healthy living but know that you need a touch of sweetness now and then too.  What do you do with a “Finishing Sugar”?  We recommend trying our finishing sugars wherever you currently use ordinary cane sugar or honey and to enjoy all the creative culinary experiences that await as you learn to use these custom sugars in your kitchen in deliciously new ways. You’ll enjoy these for their aromatic, rich flavors but you can also feel good about using our sugars wherever you crave a little sweet because each spoonful is infused with three to eight different antioxidant packed spices from our original Catalyst Tea Enhancer blends.

    Enjoy our elegant, creative, fresh take on traditional sugar with our custom all natural turbinado sugar product line at breakfast, lunch or dinner and anytime in between.  Sip. Savor. Create.

    New Catalyst Gourmet Finishing Sugars.

    Excellent for tea, coffee, baking, cooking (sweet & savory uses) & so much more.

Joyful Journey, Jasmine & Rose Tea Bliss

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Joyful Journey, Jasmine & Rose Tea Bliss

Joyful Journey, Jasmine & Rose Tea Bliss


My love of beautiful flowers and the aroma of Jasmine and Roses inspired me to add this custom blend of organic Jasmine Tea and Rose Petals into my tea collection so that I could share it with you for daily enjoyment.

The blend is 100% organic and the dried pieces of rose petals blossom beautifully when steeped in hot water and blend wonderfully with the fragrant jasmine tea leaves that are sourced from growers that I trust to offer pure teas.  I find that it’s hard to over steep this beautiful blend as it simply becomes more full of flavor and body as it sits and it also works very well as an iced tea after it has been brewed.

As you steep the tea in water that’s just under boiling point for 2-3 minutes, take a moment to envision your dreams and meditate.

The sample tin ($6.00) will provide you with approximately 20-30 cups of tea or more (I like to steep my leaves several times so it depends on how you brew)

The larger tin ($18.00) will provide you with approximately 50-60 cups of tea or more.

The story behind this blend:  It’s interesting how smells evoke memories and this blend is no different.  I fell in love with it because it reminds me of a very happy memory growing up where an Indian neighbor (aka “auntie”)  brewed beautiful essential oils by adding dried rose petals from the flowers in the gardens outside our small apartment at the time.  I was only 6 years old, but I remember vividly, the joy of sitting happily with my mom who would massage my head and hair with auntie’s  fragrant ayurvedic concoction till my hair was smooth.

Ingredients: 100% Organic Jasmine Green Tea & Rose Petals